Stefan Suvajac is currently a grade 12 student at London Central Secondary School in London, Ontario. In 2015, he was elected to serve as the student trustee for the Thames Valley District School Board; representing, in partnership, with a co-trustee over 70,000 Students. His belief in energizing student activity and the student voice in decisions made about their own schools is his major priority. He believes students should be active in changing a current misdirection in policy and attitude in the education system toward Aboriginals, LGBTQ students and new coming students to Canada. Stefan also believes that a fundamental level of financial literacy should be guaranteed to all graduating students from within Ontario’s secondary school system.

Another one of his core beliefs is that by working to create and promote measures inviting inclusivity into school communities, communication with students, and perpetual innovating within the education system, an atmosphere which fosters the establishment of measures directly targeting the above mentioned issues and aiming to make the required improvements is also created. Stefan intends to use his time as a student trustee and member of OSTA-AECO to assist in the creation of these measures.

Being an active member of his community is very important to Stefan. In school, he has co-founded both the Model UN club and the Debate club, serving as an executive member of the investment club, successfully competing in DECA, while also volunteering time at the city’s food bank, multiple charity runs, his church, and by serving as director of public relations for Interact London.

His focus on academics and extra-curricular activities is matched only by his commitment to physical activity and reading. He enjoys skiing and has been a competitive skier on a provincial level for 6 years and also represented his school as a member of his High School’s track and field team. Later, he further channeled his passion for physical activity and leadership by working as a ski racing coach at the London Ski Club. He is also a committed reader with an interest in modern history and ideas that have changed the world.

Stefan is very excited to see what challenges and experiences the 2016-2017 school year will bring and looks forward to using this year as an opportunity to further his vision of an inclusive, innovative education system which provides the highest quality education to all of Ontario’s students. He is honoured and eager to be a member of the executive council of OSTA-AECO and, once again, looks forward to the new school year.