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Description: The mission of the OSTA-AECO Sports Leadership Award is to honour the achievements of amateur and competitive athletes.

OSTA-AECO recognizes the excellence of leadership in sport. These annual awards are the best opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work, dedication and victories of the province’s finest athletes. In doing so, they also promote excellence in leadership through sport across Ontario. The awards remind youth how sport lifts the human spirit while acknowledging the true champions of sport. They celebrate the athletes and leaders who compete yet inspire hope.


* Being a good role model to other students

* Inspires and engages others in sports

* Exemplifies qualities of fair play and good sportsmanship

* Demonstrates expertise, experience and leadership in a variety of sports

* Commitment to the overall school and/or community sport programs

* One page reference letter from a coach, teammate or mentor highlighting why you are a suitable recipient for this award

* Must be a graduating student

The reference letter should outline why the candidate is deserving of this award. The reference should explain what the student has done for the sports community and how their actions have created a difference. The person creating the reference should briefly explain their connection to the candidate.


Sports Leadership Award Application

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