Rita Ramotar is a grade twelve student currently attending West Carleton Secondary School, within the city of Ottawa, Ontario. She is excited to serve  her first term as a student trustee for  the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) comprising 72 000 students during the 2017-2018 school year.

Within her community, she has contributed to local student governance and leadership as a long-standing member of students’ council, and participated as well in a variety of student clubs with the goal of helping the community. Furthermore, Rita Ramotar also served as an elected representative of her student senate, where she interviewed students and provided input to the school board during the senate symposium. At the same time, her experience in high school over the past three years has helped her understand and define the roles and responsibilities of a student leader and develop an appreciation of the ways in which they contribute to the student body within her school.

Rita is very excited to have been elected as Vice President of the Public Board Council as that would enable her to ensure that student voice is directed with a unity of purpose towards the achievement of common goals across the province of Ontario. She is in support of the organization’s platform, which allows the students in Ontario to have their voices heard and from that, the organization strives to hash out common ground in the achievement of the common goals. During the execution of her role as Vice President, Rita hopes to enable others to promote student voice in Ontario, and to ensure that all students in the province are properly represented.

When she is not at school or any extracurricular activities, she can be found reading, listening to music or watching movies.