Kieran Desjardins is entering into her second term as Student Trustee for the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board. In the fall, Kieran will be a grade 12 student attending St. Mary’s College (SMC) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Although she represents the voice of a small number of students, Kieran is passionate about her role. This past year, Kieran participated in a district wide event, involving both Catholic and public school boards, called YouTheSoo. At this WE Day-style event, Kieran had the opportunity to address over 5,000 students from across the northern region. She spoke about her role as Student Trustee, her student senate and the importance of school, community and worldwide involvement.

Since Kieran’s grade 9 year, she has been an active member of both her school and her community. Her passion for student involvement first started when she joined the St. Mary’s College anti-bullying group called IMPACT. She later joined the volleyball team, dance team, and cancer campaign committee, all while balancing Advanced Placement and French Immersion courses. She then brought the goodness, discipline and knowledge gained at SMC outside of school and volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society and became an assistant coach for the Sault Ste. Marie Speed Skating Club. In addition, Kieran participated in the 2015 Youth Forum and had the unique opportunity to present the creative ideas of her high school peers to the Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, Christian Provenzano.

As a Catholic student trustee, Kieran has strong faith-based values and she believes in the importance of giving to those in need. She participated in the Heaven Cent Campaign at her school by collecting donations and lending her penchant for the dramatic to a Campaign play . During the Advent season, Kieran distributed cheques to the YMCA, Elks Oncology Van and Push for Change. Making positive changes in the community with fellow HSCDSB students is something Kieran is proud of.

Furthermore, as this year’s French Relations Officer, Kieran continuously embraces her capacity to fluently read, write and speak the language. She has successfully completed her DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) at the B2 level, and will be graduating with honors in her French Immersion program. Every day Kieran is grateful for her capabilities of understanding the French language as she is able to embrace incredible opportunities, such as tutoring other students and of course, being this year’s French Relations Officer.

Throughout her student life, Kieran continuously supports and encourages students to voice their opinions on the things they are most passionate about. She strongly believes in giving equal opportunities to students to advocate for themselves, and envisions an education system where no student fears voicing their opinion and all voices are heard.

As French Relations Officer, Kieran is extremely excited to build relationships with French students in Ontario as wells as other French allies. When Kieran’s spare time isn’t spent skating around an oval at breakneck speeds, it is surely spent pushing herself at the gym or happily accepting the enthusiastic snuggles of the love of her life: her golden retriever, Oaklee.