Katie Yao will be attending Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School, in Sudbury ON, this fall for her final year of high-school. She is truly honoured to have been elected as Student Trustee for the Rainbow District School Board and to be able to serve as the 2016-2017 Operations Officer for OSTA-AECO. She has fallen in love with this organization and what it stands for. She has a passion for student voice and is ready to create a positive change on the outlook of our education system in Ontario in the eyes of a student. She wants to inspire students to get involved and realize the power they have in their education.

With the position of Operations Officer, Katie is overjoyed to be able to work alongside all of the committees in supporting and aiding them toset and achieve their goals. She has a great interest in all aspects of each committee and she has been inspired by all the work they have completed. Katie believes that the potential for future initiatives are limitless.

Katie has been an active member in her Student Government since grade 7. She was elected as Communications Officer in grade 10 and President in grade 11. She also aided in creating a Board-Wide Talent Show as well as a Board-Wide Senate conference which focused on leadership and mental health in the past year.

Outside of school and senate, Katie has spent the past summer creating a business called The Sudbury Drive-In. She put countless hours into creating a Drive-In Movie theater to bring her community together and bring back a classic experience for all. This experience has taught her that anything can be accomplished and achieved no matter how far the goal may be. Katie has been working for the past 2 years, and will continue to do so, at Science North as a Bluecoat Science Demonstrator helping to educate Sudbury’s youth through fun hands-on experiments and workshops. She’s grateful to be able to meet a wide variety of people who have traveled far, whether that be Toronto, Germany or China, to visit the science center and hear their stories.

In her free time, Katie loves reading, playing the piano, creating art, adventuring outside and being surrounded by her best friends. She is eager for the upcoming year to be able to meet and become closer with this amazing group of individuals in OSTA-AECO. She looks forward to not only what this experience will do for her, but more importantly what she can do with this experience for the organization and for the students of Ontario.