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Description: The mission of the OSTA-AECO Student Voice Award is to honour the achievements of students who participate in diverse and outstanding ways to represent the student voice throughout their community. OSTA-AECO recognizes the passion put into ensuring student voice is heard.

These annual awards are the best opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work, dedication, and excellence of the province’s most understanding students in Ontario. In addition, the award reminds youth that being active in advocating for students can result in community growth that encourages long-lasting leadership initiatives.


* Is involved within school and/or community

* Demonstrates leadership and advocates for student voice

* Actively encourages inclusivity

* Develops meaningful relationships and thrives in social interactions

* Stands up for the opinions, rights and beliefs of students

* One page reference letter highlighting why you are a suitable recipient for this award (Note: reference may not be from a family member)

* Must be a graduating student

The reference letter should outline why the candidate is deserving of this award. The reference should explain what the student has done for their school or community and how their actions have created a difference. The person who created the reference letter should briefly explain their connection to the candidate.


Student Voice Award Application

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