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Description: The mission of the OSTA-AECO Entrepreneurial Initiative Award is to honour the achievements of students who participate in innovative activities in areas including but not limited to mathematics, business, science and technology. OSTA-AECO recognizes the initiative of students who have visions to make a difference in the present and future world .

These annual awards are the best opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work, dedication, and excellence of the province’s most inventive students. Additionally, they inspire youth leadership through their efforts to start up amazing projects across Ontario. This award is given out to support those students who go above and beyond the status quo to bring new ideas to the world.


* Demonstrates leadership and creative thinking

* Has established new projects, businesses, inventions, councils or challenged theory.

* Dedicates their time to serve their community

* Perseveres through obstacles and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve a goal

* One page reference letter highlighting why you are a suitable recipient for this award (Note: reference may not be from a family member)

* Must be a graduating student

Reference letter should outline why the candidate is deserving of this award. The reference should explain what the student has done in their community and how their innovations have created a difference. The person who created the reference letter should briefly explain their connection to the candidate as well.


Entrepreneurial Initiative Award Application

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