Branden Wheeler is a grade 12 student at John Diefenbaker Senior School in Hanover, Ontario. He is currently serving his second term as a Student Trustee for the Bluewater District School Board, representing over 16 000 students. Branden is honoured to serving as this year’s Administrations Officer and will strive to do everything he can to ensure OSTA-AECO accomplishes their goals.

Branden’s interest in politics and student advocacy began when he was in grade 10, gaining the opportunity to sit on his board’s student senate. Then, in 2016, Branden was elected to represent his board on the provincial level as a Student Trustee in the general assembly of OSTA-AECO. That year, he also joined up with the OSTA-AECO policy committee to write position papers based on issues that greatly affect the students of Ontario. Also, for the past 3 years, Branden has sat on his board’s Special Education Advisory Committee as he is a voracious advocate of the rights of special education students.

In his school community, Branden tries to get involved in any way he can, joining as many extra-curricular activities as his schedule can handle. Presently, he is a member of his school’s concert band, jazz band, Skills Robotics team, ski club, badminton team and student council. He also sits on the school’s parent council in order to bring student needs and concerns to the school administration. Additionally, he is enrolled in a High Skills Major Program in Information and Communication Technologies, allowing him to gain experience in the field in which he wants to have a career in his future.

Outside of school, Branden holds several part time jobs. He works as a page at his local library in Durham, Ontario and as a computer technician in Hanover, Ontario. In his spare time, Branden enjoys reading and playing music on his alto saxophone and piano.