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Description: The mission of the OSTA-AECO Commitment to Justice Award is to honour the achievements of students who show immense commitment and enthusiasm for justice. OSTA-AECO recognizes the courage put into creating a just environment for all.

Justice is defined as striving towards creating equity and equal opportunities, privileges, and upholding integrity for all. Possible examples of a person who is committed to justice could include, but is not limited to, someone who:

a) demonstrates a passion for respect towards our environment, defending fragile ecosystems and/or endangered species.

b) works towards social justice, advocating for solutions regarding issues seen in their local and/or global communities (i.e. poverty, oppression, inequality, double standards, etc.).

These annual awards are the best opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work, dedication, and caring nature of the province’s most exceptional students. They promote excellence in advocating for issues that students feel passionate about across Ontario. This award also allows for the recognition of students who work towards creating equity to combat injustices all around the world.


* Demonstrates a devotion to justice

* Advocates for an issue they feel is particularly in need of equity

* Is committed and dedicated to creating a just society

* Shows courage in speaking up for their beliefs

* Stands up for social injustices

* Devotes their time regularly to volunteerism efforts

* One page reference letter highlighting why you are a suitable recipient for this award (Note: reference may not be from a family member)

* Must be a graduating student

Reference letter should outline why the candidate is deserving of this award. The reference should explain what the student has done to demonstrate a commitment to justice and how their actions have created a difference. The person who created the reference letter should briefly explain their connection to the candidate as well.


Commitment To Justice Award Application 

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