Alex MacDonald is currently a grade 12 student at Earl of March Secondary School, in Ottawa Ontario. In 2016 he was elected as Student Trustee for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and continues to represent the 72 000 within the OCDSB for the 2017-2018 school year. Alex was pleased to serve on the Executive Council of OSTA-AECO as Administrations Officer from 2016 to 2017, and looks forward to continuing his work in education. Alex highly values the right to education, and strives to protect and shape the system which he believes in so much.

Alex’s involvement began when he was 10 years old, and championed a proposal to the Parent council asking for new play equipment for his school. Since then his participation in a variety of clubs including the eco club, debate club, student council, parent council, concert and jazz bands, cancer fundraisers, and musicals, has helped to instill a sense of pride and dedication in him, for his community.

Since Alex’s involvement in the school community he has noticed the value of volunteers and support staff, and strives to give back to his community as a thank you to these dedicated individuals and their work that has shaped his life. Through his volunteering, he has been able to support the healthy snack program at his elementary school, support scholastic book fairs for children’s literature and promote parent/student info night’s that cover a diverse range of important topics in education such as Mental Health and internet safety.

Most recently Alex, in coordination with the student senate, has helped to promote direct student engagement in the hopes of creating more equitable opportunities for the students of the OCDSB. Thanks to the hard work of many individuals Alex, along with the Student Senate, was able to host a student voice symposium bringing together students, educators and staff from all walks of the education system.

Throughout his student career Alex has strongly believed in the support of a variety of programs that cater to a diverse and unique student population. He strongly believes that every student deserves the opportunity to participate in something that motivates them and has shown his devotion to this mandate by supporting school programs in many capacities, and continues to support student advocacy and engagement as a Student Trustee.

Along with being in his second term as Student Trustee and as an OSTA-AECO Executive Member, Alex is an avid traveller, actor, singer and musician. He is also very passionate about business, politics and law, and hopes he can, one day, encourage equality and justice on a professional level.