According to The Education Act O. Reg. 7/07, s. 6. “A student trustee’s term of office starts on August 1 of the year in which he or she is elected and ends on July 31 of the following year.”

Ontario’s newly elected Student Trustees in each board across the province begin their terms with ambition to create real and positive change for their peers.

Also beginning their terms is the 2017-2018 OSTA-AECO Executive Council. Student Trustees elected to serve on the Executive are:

  • President- Dasha Metropolitansky, HDSB
  • CBC President- Ben Smith, YCDSB
  • CBC Vice President- Christina Atrach, HCDSB
  • PBC President- Shams Mehdi, TDSB
  • PBC Vice President- Rita Ramotar, OCDSB
  • Public Affairs Officer- Nico Tripodi, NCDSB
  • Media Design Officer- Seoyoon Kim, TVDSB
  • Professional Development Officer- Amal Qayum, DSBN
  • French Relations Officer – Kieran Desjardins, HSCDSB
  • Chief Financial Officer- Alexander MacDonald, OCDSB
  • Operations Officer – Rhea Carlisle, TCDSB
  • Administrations Officer- Branden Wheeler, BWDSB
  • Policy Officer (Outgoing position)- Katie Yao, former RDSB
  • Chief Executive Officer (Outgoing position)- Nicolas Bottger, Former YCDSB

OSTA-AECO will continue to advocate for students at a provincial level and offer the best professional development possible for Student Trustees during the 2017-2018 academic year. The incoming OSTA-AECO Executive has an ambitious and forward-looking agenda for the year and looks forward to working with Student Trustees and student leaders across Ontario to ensure student’s voices are always heard.

Stay tuned for more details regarding OSTA-AECO’s 2017-2018 provincial agenda, as well as information on how District School Board’s can become members of OSTA-AECO and support students and student voice at a provincial level.

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