Within OSTA-AECO’s General Assembly, there are several committees as listed below:


The Policy Committee is responsible for drafting OSTA-AECO’s position papers and reviewing policy documents of the organization. They ensuring the organization is in compliance with regulations, policies, and legislation.

Policy Committee Chair: Katie Yao (Policy Officer) –  katie.yao@osta-aeco.org    | Muqtasid Mansoor (General Assembly Policy Committee Co-Chair) – muqtasid.mansoor@osta-aeco.org

The Communications Committee is responsible for creating all graphics, media releases, all the social medias, campaigns for province-wide initiatives, and maintaining communication with key stakeholders.

Communications Committee Chair: Nico Tripodi (Public Affairs Officer) – nico.tripodi@osta-aeco.org | Seoyoon Kim (Media Design Officer) – seoyoon.kim@osta-aeco.org

The Data and Research Committee is responsible for creating, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information about student needs. This year the committee saw out the Ontario Student Parent Educator Survey which received over 5000 responses.

Data and Research Committee Chair: Rakeeb Hossain – rakeeb.hossian@osta-aeco.org

The Progress Committee works on easing the transition for incoming student trustees into their role. This past year they created a Student Trustee Handbook that was distributed at AGM and it accessible online for any Student Trustee in Ontario.

Progress Committee Co-Chairs: Stephanie Rico – stephanie.rico@osta-aeco.org | Morghen Jael – morghen.jael@osta-aeco.org

The Indigenous Relations Committee is responsible for gathering and understanding Indigenous student voice in order to better represent Indigenous students and advocate for curriculum changes based on cultural, social and economic needs.

Indigenous Relations Committee Co-Chairs : Maggie Malkin – maggie.malkin@osta-aeco.org | Ruby Hye – ruby.hye@osta-aeco.org

The Ontario Student Voice Awards Committee is responsible for recognizing student achievement across Ontario and awarding those who have demonstrated outstanding contributions within their local schools and communities. This is done through six bursary awards given to graduating students who have shown excellence in six selected categories.

Ontario Student Voice Awards Committee Co-Chairs: Kate Jamieson – kate.jamieson@osta-aeco.org | Anamaria Barbul – anamaria.barbul@osta-aeco.org

The Student Well-Being Committee is responsible for representing and advocating for those students in Ontario dealing with illness. Furthermore, they look to ensure a culture of well-being is being instilled within the various boards within Ontario. In summation, poor health can be a barrier from a student receiving proper education and success; and student well-being committee serves to eliminate that barrier.

Student Well-Being Committee Co-Chairs: Carolyn Mahr – carolyn.mahr@osta-aeco.org | Madeleine Leach Jarrett – madeleine.leachjarrett@osta-aeco.org 



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