Secretary-Treasurer of the Board

Michelle Sempowski has been with OSTA-AECO since 2013, in roles of Communications Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Alumni Relations, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Through the organization, she has learned valuable skills and met incredible people who continue to influence her today. Michelle has had professional experience at TD Bank and Procter and Gamble (P&G), while working to complete her education through the Honours Business Administration (HBA) program at Ivey Business School. Within the education system, Michelle is passionate about mental health advocacy, the improved and transparent sexual education curriculum and opportunities for youth interested in business/finance.

As a student at the Ivey Business School, Jacob has worked in both the consulting and financial industries. Through his roles within the Ivey Consulting Club, Ivey HBA Association, and Ivey Leaders Forum, Jacob works in collaboration with many clubs, organizations, and businesses in order to provide students with networking and professional development opportunities. Jacob strives to incorporate technology development and efficient operations across all facets of the organization.

Roberto Bagnato, 20, is a post-secondary student currently enrolled in the Sports Administration program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. Roberto, the current President of his program’s Student Council, is working towards achieving an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, Sports Administration, with plans of entering the sports business industry.

A leader from Sudbury, ON, Roberto has worked with a number of organizations ranging from volunteer work with the Greater Sudbury Police Service Chief’s Youth Advisory Council to forming an Investor’s Group at Laurentian University. Roberto served as Student Trustee for the Rainbow District School Board, and with his experiences, he represented the various voices of youth in his community. Through his time as the Student Trustee, Roberto served as the Northern Representative, speaking for the diverse student body throughout Northern Ontario, for the Public Board Council at OSTA-AECO. The following year, Roberto was elected to the Executive Council of OSTA-AECO as the organization’s Policy Officer. After a one-year term on the organization’s Board of Directors as the Director of Alumni Relations, Roberto was recently appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Board.

In his spare time, Roberto, formerly an athlete in the Ontario Soccer League representing the region of Sudbury, enjoys playing a variety of sports. He also enjoys watching hockey, baseball, and basketball, as well as volunteering in the community and working at Scotiabank. This past summer, Roberto worked as the Youth and Amateur Hockey Development Intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins where he completed projects promoting youth hockey in western Pennsylvania.

Roberto currently serves as the Manager of Statistics for the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League and is optimistic for the 2016-17 season.

Arjun Dhanjal
Director, Unified Communications

Arjun is an MA student in Communication & Culture at York University. His current research focuses on the biopolitical intersections of the ‘cyborg’ body in science fiction media and trans embodiment of the self. Specifically, Arjun asks: how does the interchangeability of cyborg body parts impact trans understandings of gender dysphoria when negotiating some kind of self-identity?

Arjun is passionate about issues of mental health, queer identity, and anti-racism, and proudly advocates for the institution of policies in Ontario education that do the work of protecting groups that continue to be discriminated against based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio)

Nicolas Bottger is a former two-term Student Trustee at the York Catholic District School Board. As a member of OSTA-AECO during the past two years, he has served as Chair of Data and Research Committee in his first year, and as President of the Catholic Board Council during his second year. Nicolas is currently a Scholar’s student at the University of Western Ontario, studying Economics with Advanced Entry Opportunity into the Ivey School of Business.

When in high school, Nicolas had been heavily involved in his school, partaking in his Student Council, Presidents’ Council, and even starting his school’s DECA Chapter. In his local community, he served as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for four years. He was also very fortunate to have been selected as a Junior Team Canada Youth Ambassador in Global Vision’s Trade Mission to China in 2014, where he promoted the Canadian mining sector to business executives and government officials. Throughout both his terms as Student Trustee at the YCDSB, Nicolas was a key member in the planning and organization of conferences for students in his board, promoting awareness and providing solutions for the issues affecting youth.

For Nicolas, determination, passion, and efficiency achieve goals that make a lasting impact. He encourages everyone to get involved in their community, doing things not for merit, but for the love of doing them. Having been born in Peru, he has seen the many struggles that the less fortunate have had in not only in household economics, but the effects it has had in childhood education, health, and overall state of wellbeing. Living in the USA for 6 years, and more than 8 in Canada, he has learned the power a proper education has on a populous, and the everlasting effects it has on youth.

Nicolas more than excited to be part of the Executive Council of OSTA-AECO once again, as he looks forward to the many initiatives being planned for the coming school year.