OSTA-AECO is the largest student stakeholder in education and the voice for the student vision. As the representatives of over 2 million students, we are a dynamic, diverse voice. We act as consultants on policy for the Ministry of Education, collaborate with stakeholders in the education community and work to unite all student trustees across the province.

Whether it is at school boards across the province or at the province level, the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association and all of its members continue to play an integral role in crafting the future of public education in Ontario.

The Executive Council is chosen through a series of elections at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and includes various elected members. Also elected are Cabinets of the Board Councils, each of whom has a respective President and Vice President. The two Board Councils are the Public Board Council (PBC) and Catholic Board Council (CBC).

Within the Executive Council, the voting power lies with the Senior Executive Council, which consists of five members: the President of OSTA-AECO, and the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Public and Catholic Board Councils.