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Toronto, ON – The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association – l’Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l’Ontario (OSTA – AECO) has released The Student Platform for the 2018 provincial election campaign.

Titled A Turning Point for Education, OSTA-AECO has built a platform that reflects three fundamental pillars of a successful educational experience: Student Wellbeing, 21st Century Learning and Equitable Access to Opportunity. Within the three pillars, OSTA-AECO has developed 16 policy recommendations that will ensure Ontario’s education system continues to improve while addressing urgent barriers to a quality education.

“Students from all backgrounds – public and Catholic schools, small and large communities, rural and urban towns – are united by the belief that our education system must improve to ensure no student is left behind,” said OSTA-AECO President Dasha Metropolitansky. “Students are not only the key stakeholders in education, but also the next generation of citizens, leaders, and change makers. We call on parties to adopt these recommendations in their policy platforms to ensure that our students and our province have the brightest future possible.”

In November 2017, OSTA-AECO conducted the Student Survey, an online survey of 8,230 students from 62 school boards in Ontario. It featured questions about a range of educational issues and its results solidified the foundation of the Student Platform. The Platform also cites data from OSTA-AECO’s 2017 Ontario Student, Parent, and Educator Survey report.

OSTA-AECO recognizes that a quality education system which leaves no student behind is a crucial investment in the future of Ontario. OSTA-AECO urges all parties to adopt The Student Platform’s policy recommendations.




For Further Information:

Nico Tripodi, Public Affairs Officer

E: T: 905.980.1870


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