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The Ontario Student Trustee's Association- l’Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l’Ontario is the largest student stakeholder in education. With our team of Student Trustees from across Ontario, OSTA-AECO continues to give all students in our great province a real and meaningful voice, standing for the issues and concerns that matter to our constituents: Students.  

Join Us At Our Conferences 

Join Us At Our Conferences 

Professionally-Delivered Professional Development

When it comes to professional development for student leaders, specifically Student Trustees, OSTA-AECO is in a class of its own. The 2016-2017 academic year will begin in Toronto for our Fall General Meeting (FGM), November 17-20, 2016. Board Council Conferences (BCC) are an opportunity for our two board councils to put a real premium on their individual development. Canada's capital city of Ottawa will host the 2017 edition of BCC's February 16-19. Stay tuned for the dates of  OSTA-AECO's biggest conference of the year, our Annual General Meeting, which brings together all of Ontario's newly elected Student Trustees with their veteran colleagues, making it an unforgettable and truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

Learn About Our History 

Learn About Our History 

A History Rooted In Success

Ever since the beginning, OSTA-AECO has never been an association that simply exists just to exist. From day one, our rich history has seen some of the best and brightest young leaders in Ontario come together for one simple purpose; student voice. That's a tradition passed on to today, where at this very moment, Student Trustees are constantly asking themselves one simply question: What am I going to do today to make things better for my peers? 

Hard-Hitting Advocacy (In More Than One Way)

In the 21st century, the best anti-poverty program around is a world-class education.
— Barack Obama

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